Chapter 2

To work with Raun K. Kaufman directly,

click here to email him at

To work with Raun K. Kaufman directly,

click below to email him at

autism_break_3dJoining: Entering Your Child’s World

Hello! Welcome to the Online Resources for Chapter 2 of my book Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World.

You may want to print yourself a copy of the Activity Time! table from the end of this chapter.  You might want extra copies, or you might want to fill it out and e-mail a copy to other people on your child’s team (or have others do the same). So here it is!

Click below to download a copy.

Activity Time! Chapter 2

So that you can see exactly what joining looks like with various isms, here is a video with some examples of us joining children with whom we work. Enjoy it!

Here is a section of one of my webcasts where I explain the technique of joining. Although it will not be new to you, it a great review, it can be helpful to hear it verbally instead of reading it, and you can show this to other people in your life whom you want to have an understanding of what joining is and how it works.