Chapter 13

autism_break_3dSensory Overload: Optimizing Your Child’s Environment

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to the Online Resources for Chapter 13 of my book Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World.

You may want to print yourself a copy of the Activity Time! table from the end of this chapter. You might want extra copies, or you might want to fill it out and e-mail a copy to other people on your child’s team (or have others do the same). So here it is!

Click below to download a copy.

Activity Time! Chapter 13

Here is a photo showing a clear shot of one of our Son-Rise Program playroom/focus rooms at the Autism Treatment Center of America. Don’t feel like you have to replicate this precisely After all, we’ve constructed a “perfect” playroom. You don’t have to!


Take a look at this short but helpful video of William Hogan, Executive Director of The Son-Rise Program, giving you some basic tips on making your home more sensory-friendly – and more conducive to your child’s learning and interaction.