Appendix 1


This appendix is all about the science. I’ve included it for two reasons: so the very scientific-minded parents and professionals among you can see exactly how the existing literature and research support the principles of The Son-Rise Program; and so you can provide this information to skeptical professionals, schools, etc,. whom you are endeavoring to get on board with the ideas in this book and with funding your Son-Rise Program.

First , here is a link to a study in the Journal of Communication Disorders demonstrating the effectiveness and efficacy of The Son-Rise Program. This journal is published by Elsevier, one of the world’s leading providers of science and health information, serving more than 30 million scientists, students, and health professionals worldwide. The peer reviewed study (“Promoting Child-Initiated Social-Communication in Children with Autism: Son-Rise Program Intervention Effects”), conducted by Northwestern University in the U.S. and Lancaster University in the UK, showed significant improvements in the social skills and engagement of children who received The Son-Rise Program treatment compared to a control group of children who did not. Especially remarkable is that, even though this study was conducted over a five-day period, the children receiving The Son-Rise Program showed quantifiable results. So if someone asks you whether The Son-Rise Program is an evidence-based program supported by scientific, peer reviewed research, you can answer with an emphatic “Yes” and cite the study below!

Second, the following academic paper compiles an array of published studies that support the principles and techniques of The Son-Rise Program detailed in this book. As an academic, research-oriented paper, it makes for very dense technical reading — much less easy to read and to digest than the book itself. I hope that this paper is both informative and extremely useful to you!

To read a copy Click here and for a downloadable version click below.

The Son-Rise Program® Supportive Research on Autism Treatment